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Emergency Requirement

आपला परिवार वृद्धाश्रम मधील आजोबांची तब्येत अचानक खालावली... आज आपला परिवार वृद्धाश्रम मधील मोहन कोठे आजोबा जेवण करून उठताना अचानक बेशुद्ध पडले.त्यांना तात्काळ नेकनूर येथील स्री कुटीर रुग्णालय येथे दाखल केले.आजोबांची साखर कमी झाली असल्याचे डॉक्टरांनी सांगितले, आणि पुढे तात्काळ बीडला पाठवले.थोडा उशीर झाला असता तर कदाचित अनर्थ घडला असता असे डॉक्टरांचे म्हणणे आले.संस्थेला ॲम्बुलन्स ची सुविधा नाही,रस्ता भयानक खराब आहे.यामुळे एखाद्या वेळी दवाखान्यात वेळेत पोहोचू शकलो नाही तर एखाद्या माणसाच्या जीवाला धोकाही होऊ शकतो. ॲम्बुलन्स मध्ये सलाईन व ऑक्सिजनची सुविधा असते तसेच ॲम्बुलन्सला इतर वाहने साईड लवकर देतात, म्हणून आश्रमासाठी ॲम्बुलन्स व रस्ता होणे नितांत गरजेचे आहे. रस्ता होण्यासाठी पत्रकार बांधवांसह आमचे भरपूर प्रयत्न सुरू आहेत परंतु शासनाच्या कुठल्याही नियमात रस्ता बसत नाही असे समोरून सांगण्यात येते.आश्रमालाही शासनाचे कसलेही अनुदान नाही.शेवटी माणसासाठी नियम की,नियमांसाठी माणूसं हा प्रश्न मात्र अनुत्तरीतच राहतो.

Suddenly, a medical emergency struck one of the grandfathers at our family's elderly home. Today, while having lunch at the dining hall in the elderly home, Mohan Kothé, my grandfather, suddenly felt unwell. Immediately, he was taken to the nearby Sree Kutir Hospital in Neknoor. The doctors informed us that his blood sugar had dropped significantly, and he needed to be transferred to a bigger hospital in Beed for further treatment. Unfortunately, there is no ambulance facility available at the institution, and the condition of the road is terrible. Consequently, at times, it becomes impossible to reach the hospital on time, which could be critical for someone's life. Having an ambulance with saline and oxygen facilities would be immensely helpful. Moreover, other vehicles often don't yield to ambulances, making it even more challenging for the elderly home. We, along with journalists and well-wishers, have been making continuous efforts to improve the condition of the road, but it seems that the government is not responding to our pleas regarding road construction. Even the elderly home does not receive any financial aid from the government. In the end, it is disheartening that the question of whether rules are made for humans or humans are made to abide by rules remains unanswered.

Information About आपला परिवार अनाथ वृद्धाश्रम

The issue of water scarcity in the Beed district of Maharashtra and its impact on the agricultural sector and the people living in the area. This issue has been a cause for worry for some time now, with irregular and insufficient rainfall causing problems for farmers and those who depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The situation is further compounded by the fact that many of the small and landless farmers in the area do not have access to adequate irrigation facilities or water storage systems, which makes it difficult for them to sustain their crops during periods of low rainfall. Moreover, the lack of employment opportunities in the district has led to a rise in unemployment and poverty, with many people struggling to make ends meet. This has led to a number of social problems, including a rise in the number of farmer suicides and children dropping out of school due to a lack of resources. It is important for the government and other stakeholders to take urgent steps to address this issue and provide the necessary support to the people in the area. This could include measures such as the provision of adequate irrigation facilities and water storage systems, the creation of employment opportunities, and the implementation of social welfare schemes to support those in need. The situation in Beed is a clear example of the challenges faced by many rural communities in India, and it highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to address the issue of water scarcity and its impact on agriculture and livelihoods. It is important for all stakeholders to work together to find solutions and ensure that people in these communities have access to the resources and support they need to build a better future for themselves and their families.

Project Needs

In the current divided family system and fast-paced life, elderly parents are often neglected by their B-youth. Elderly mothers and fathers suffer from neglect. In addition, in the Beed district, facing constant challenges due to natural disasters, there are no industries, and therefore, children must work in sugarcane fields or small jobs to make ends meet. In such situations, elderly mothers and fathers also suffer from neglect. Sometimes, even in favorable circumstances, some people do not have elderly grandparents at home. Then, at such times, they need a support system. We have therefore established an ashram for such elderly people.

Project Update

Amidst the dire financial situation of the organization, they have managed to build two paper homes with a 20X20 area, using their own funds. However, with only 10 individuals residing in the homes, it is impossible to accommodate the remaining people who are in need, including those who are expected to come to the ashram. Moreover, as the homes are made of paper, there is a possibility of them being blown away during windy weather conditions, risking the lives of the people living in them. Thus, there is a pressing need for a sturdy building or structure, especially with plans to accommodate 100 individuals in the future. Assuming 3 beds per room, it would require 31 rooms to accommodate 100 people. In addition to this, there is a need for a kitchen, a dining hall, a library, and other facilities. It is also worth noting that the lack of electricity in the paper homes poses a risk of fire, which could potentially result in fatalities. Therefore, it is imperative to construct a permanent building to ensure the safety and well-being of the individuals in need.

The objectives of the project

  1. 1. To provide regular and nutritious meals
  2. 2. To reduce physical discomfort
  3. 3. To provide mental support
  4. 4. To provide timely medical treatment
  5. 5. To provide entertainment
  6. 6. To take care of their health needs
  7. 7. To provide them with love and attention
  8. 8. To help them overcome loneliness and grief
  9. 9. To establish a project with the primary objectives of addressing their physical and mental needs.

The organization has the following resources available

  1. 1. 2-acre space owned by the organization
  2. 2. borewell for water supply (including a solar pump)
  3. 3. 20X20 hall for the elderly
  4. 4. 10X12 kitchen
  5. 5. 10X15 caretaker's residence
  6. 6. Two toilets
  7. 7. One bathhouse

Essential items for वृद्धाश्रम

Our family is planning to accommodate 200 grandparents for a few days, and for that, a solid building is necessary. Therefore, a four-story building has been planned, which includes 31 rooms with a kitchen, a dining hall, and attached toilet-bathrooms. One of the rooms has already been constructed in Pune by R.K.Foundation in memory of late Arati Taai Sonagra. If we consider a monthly expense of at least 5,000 INR per person, it would cost around 50,000 INR for ten people. This amount includes food, tea, breakfast, and medical facilities. We need to make necessary arrangements for the current occupants. Therefore, we urge you to extend your helping hand to make this possible.

The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.

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